17 September, 2011

All that is Wrong with Waterloo Road - Round #1

So we all know Waterloo Road has become possibly the least well-made programme on television, so let's just highlight SOME of the errors in the most recent episode. (no review necessary)

1.  Last episode on television, Karen Fisher was to fight the ban on her school and there was cheering from the rooftops for her. Suddenly now she's gone and nobody gives. Similarly, Ruby Fry, where are you!?

2. 'Oh hi Sian' 'oh hello Jeremy' EXPOSITION DIALOGUE IS BAD WRITING.

3. Erm sorry this is on at 7.30 and the basic plot is a boy burying his nan in the garden? Acceptable? Debatable.

4. Replacing half the cast and expecting us to all hit it off is ridiculous - especially when one look in the staff room lets us know the entire back history of Sian and the Head being 'an item'.

5. Almost 100% certain that Matt Wilding used to be a drama teacher, not a music teacher. Quite different disciplines really and/or LEARN WHAT CONTINUITY MEANS.

6. Scout walks into Tom's lesson - he finishes taking the register and then the bell goes. Shortest lesson ever.

7. As if a head who had just been stabbed by a group of ''youths'' (ironic speech marks) would make someone I presume to be one of the 'group on the bridge' a Prefect. Say whaaaat.

See you next week for more hilarity

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