23 September, 2011

All That is Wrong with Waterloo Road - Round #2

More crap:

1. The 'young lovers who won't stay together buying a flat they can't afford' has been done before - the Chlo/Donte story anyone? Similarly, we've already seen Ronan get angry at Vicki's university ambitions, and have their relationship hold her back. Maybe after six series, the scriptwriters just can't come up with anything new?

2. The entire concept of GCSE/AS/A-levels being ''chosen'' in the way they showed was abysmal - noone casually picks up an A-level in the middle of their course. If you're going to set a show in a school, make it believable and do not alienate the people (teachers, pupils) who do this on a daily basis, who should appreciate the series. The creators, Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick, used to work in schools, so I have no idea why they've suddenly forgotten how school works.

3. Matt Wilding is still not a music teacher. Kids, wondering why he can't create an orchestra or distribute instruments properly? It's because HE'S A TRAINED DRAMA TEACHER.

4. Of course, it wouldn't be Waterloo Road without Tom potentially shagging a new female teacher. Or with the head having an affair with the deputy. Because, obviously, this happens in every school.

5. It is not possible, at any school, in any country, ANYWHERE, to have children just join the school for 'a few days'. Get practical.

Highlight of the episode was Daniel Chalk playing a Nintendo DS in the staffroom. Almost made up for the poor writing and continuity. Almost.

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