18 September, 2011

Doctor Who Update (The Girl Who Waited & The God Complex)

            Two traditional, and scary, episodes of Doctor Who these past two weeks, in which the show has returned to a more basic formula, and an arguably better one. Hopefully, these stories are setting the scene for a series finale like themselves, full of witty dialogue, scary monsters and with Amy, Rory and the Doctor at its core.

            The Girl Who Waited was the doctor-lite episode of this series, but was no less because of this. In a stark quarantine, the three characters are given focus over everything, and the quarantine/timestreams, the basis of the story, was not explored, leaving the space for beautiful dialogue - 'that's the first time I've laughed in thirty-six years' and a tremendous amount of exploration into the Rory/Amy relationship. For the first time this mini-series, I cared about death and danger and the emotions of older-Amy and of Rory meeting her were true-to humanity, and back to what Doctor Who does best - displays humanity back at us. Although older-Amy's makeup was dubious at best, the episode built nicely to an end I think we were all expecting, but no less shocking - the Doctor's lie really hits home just how dark a character he is. Whereby Rory had Robot Rory and Amy had older-Amy in this story, the Doctor could be similar to the interface, in that he is 'God' over his companions, his character leading us nicely to 'The God Complex'.

            Toby Whitehouse presented us with a claustrophobia of fears, minotaurs and corridors in this week's episode, with the idea of 'your room' a sort of basic 'Room 101' from
1984 allowing a set-up to the Doctor's leaving of Amy and Rory by the end of the episode. Compounding last week's emotional rollercoaster, I thought Rita was a good foil to Amy, and the Doctor's reaction to her death - throwing things around the kitchen - felt so true to his character, that it did make his decision believable in a way that has not, in my opinion, been managed before. When Martha left the Tardis, it was a sort of forced end-of-series ending; it seems brave to leave the Doctor alone on episode ten. The houses and car Amy was left at were colourful, cartoony, exactly the sort of whimsical design intrinsic to this Doctor Who, and though Rory conversed with the Doctor during the episode and briefly about the car, it seemed again like a demotion for him to be inside whilst Amy said the 'proper' goodbyes. His insistence that Amy had 'too much' faith in him was heartbreaking, as was her acceptance, her letting go.

            Two fantastic episodes leaving us into the end of the series, with next week's looking super, hopefully continuing the trend. With Amy and Rory gone, it is unclear how the next episodes will play out - will the Doctor's room come into play, or will we finally learn about his ''death''. My opinion of Moffat swings between 'we don't know enough!' to 'so much suspense this is WONDERFUL' - at present, Moffat is a genius in my eyes. Kudos also to Whithouse and Macrae for two amazing scripts, but Moffat and the team really have brought things together spectacularly in recent weeks.

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