14 September, 2011

I'VE LOST MY GLASSES (The Inbetweeners Movie)

The Inbetweeners Movie is fantastic. At first, I admit it drags a bit - noone knows if the show will translate well to film, and even the characters themselves seem nervous. The opening scenes set in suburbia are visually dull too, but once they arrive on holiday, the film kicks into a hilarious rhythm of shame and humiliation.

            The plot was just like something from an episode, and managed to give equal screentime to the four lads, whilst keeping the pace up. Highlights include scenes of them all dancing over to girls, 'Burnley can fuck off' and Will's sequence with no glasses

            What other films fail to achieve was achieved here - the passing of time, and the end of youth were explored beautifully - scenes of heartfelt dialogue between Neil and Will, and Simon and Jay, were believable, subtle and true-to-life. Similarly, the visuals and focus of the bright lights and dark nights in this film achieved this quirky mix of adult themes and childhood which similar comedy films would not have cared about. This coherence of visuals throughout the film made it very focused, and very streamlined.

            The extra characters were well-chosen, the four girls were excellently paired (if Lucy was a little easy to tread on), and Carly continued to be an excellent foil to Simon's happiness - I think by the end of the movie, we see that she has run her course in Simon's life, if, as we hear on an almost daily basis, that more movies are planned.

            See this movie - it is comedy at its best, with other ideas and arguably stunning visuals. Good comedy, easy to watch and consistently laugh-out-loud funny.

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