03 October, 2011

A Few Notes From The Wedding (Doctor Who - The Wedding of River Song)

This was a GOOD. EPISODE. I have a few gripes, but the main purpose of the episode - explaining the dying thing eventually and settling the timeline (for now) was achieved. Phew.
This is a chaotic post because this was a chaotic episode/series.

I like that a lot of things from the series - the 'blue head man' and everything from Let's Kill Hitler seemed to actually be for a purpose. An explanation of the 'fixed points in time' issue. Amy finally acting like a parent. The ideas of time etc in this episode are so intrinsic to humanity that Moffat smacks it out of the park as per. 'And what sort of time do you call this?'. The Silence are literally the grossest creatures in New-Who. The parallels between the Doctor and euthanasia. THIS WAS ALL GOOD.

What I didn't like was Amy not remembering Rory. I have seen suggested that the picture is of an action-man sort because Amy remembers Rory as brave and heroic. However, there seems to be something ODD about Rory. He's always dying, and Amy cannot recognise her husband but can recognise the Doctor? In 'The God Complex, Rory speaks in the past tense suddenly and without knowing so. Hmmmm. Also, the world in which they were existing whilst 'time disintegrated' did not seem terrifying enough - there was no evidence of impending doom. If anything it looked quite fun. Also, if the time and the date never change, WHY HAVE CLOCKS AND CALENDARS ANYWAY?

Whilst finally getting some sort of payoff on the series was liberating and satisfying, I don't know if I'm really pleased with the WAY we were satisfied.  The robot being dead didn't satisfy the Silence needing the Doctor dead - surely they cannot be fooled that easily, and will only want to re-kill the Doctor when they find out. On the plus side (as the Doc will never die), I'm assuming we'll get a big story where the Silence are defeated? Everything the blue head man said, and even the 'question' have still yet to be answered. Karen Gillan has said that she has a secret yet to be revealed, and I've still yet to work out if River will still be a feature in the series, as we seem to know everything INTERESTING about her relationship with the Doctor.

In summary, an end to some of the story arc, giving rise to a greater and larger one than before. It seems as if Moffat cannot do self-contained stories or arcs. Whilst this is interesting and tense, and he is a VERY clever man, I am still in the dark about so much that I struggle not to see this episode as a bit of a cop-out - ending the current situation, but leaving the situation wide open to come back again, bigger and badder than ever before.

More random thoughts: The River Song story (RIVER SONG'S TIMELINE at about 11 minutes in) is tragic, now we know it. The death of the Brigadier didn't have an impact on casual fans. What does the Doctor know that can never be known? What is the Doctor's name? SO MUCH WE DON'T KNOW

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