12 October, 2011

I Can't Watch Anymore - Waterloo Road

So I sit down to watch this week's Waterloo Road - some nice light-hearted fare.  HOWEVER I had a few MAJOR issues with the episode.

1. We have already had the Vicki-cannot-cope-with-her-work issue. The plot has ALREADY BEEN DONE. 

2. None of these writers seem to understand how a school works. This is tantamount to basing a programme ANYWHERE and not understanding GRAVITY. You cannot 'fail' a pupil based on coursework - neither can you just 're-submit' coursework you have already submitted, because there is likely to be a DEADLINE for MODERATION. 

3. Matt Wilding used to be gay. Skip to this series and he's happily settled down with a WOMAN, looking to undergo fertility treatment to have a CHILD. I didn't think it was possible to have such a lack of continuity go through any kind of programme-making process. 

Really don't think I can watch this anymore - however I'm a bit keen to see just how bad the show can get.....

1 comment:

  1. A very good review. I like it when someone treats nominally trash tv seriously. It's all too easy to just like or dislike something without picking apart why.