27 October, 2011

More Waterloo Road

So this week's episode had some GAPING FLAWS. I actually enjoyed the episode as a whole - despite half of the characters being dull but there was some intrigue as to who the assistant teacher was and THAT was quite interesting.

1. Matt Wilding (drama-cum-music teacher). There is still no clarification as to his situation. You could watch the episode and assume it's a straight, non-conventional couple bearing child. Or, you could think he's homosexual. The kids made jokes about 'I thought he was gay' BUT this could have been students joking about, so still noone knows what's going on.

2. The affair issue is BORING and REPETITIVE but at least it's quite interesting that Sarah Hadland is about to go batshit crazy.

3. The storyline 'school taken down from within by rogue determined to bring down head' was the focus of THE ENTIRE LAST SERIES and so if that's where they are going with the journalists this year, the BBC might aswell save their millions and re-broadcast series six.


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