01 January, 2012

Christmas Pick #1 - Adele live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD/CD

I have vowed to myself to post on here every day, and if not I have to have a reason. Something like that. 

Over the next few days, I will be posting reviews of things I have received/watched/been to over Christmas. I will also be attempting some journo-tastic news review and column features. Tell your friends!

Adele has had a PHENOMENAL year - quite possibly the biggest year someone could have had. The staggering global success of her sophomore album '21' has given her the height of fame and saturation others could only dream of, and astoundingly she seems to have managed to keep her feet on the ground. Filmed just after a period of cancelled shows due to throat nodules, the Royal Albert Hall show was one of the last before Adele undertook emergency throat surgery from which she is now recovering. And what a blessing it is that she performed.

The CD/DVD package is stunning. Simple, understated and attractive, it reflects the simplicity of Adele's talent, production and the entire marketing approach behind her. Gimmicks are not needed when your act has the voice, personality and songs. Though quite clearly a money-spinner at Christmas, I am more than happy that her record label decided to release the show - Adele live, as we saw at the Brit awards, is a new kind of talent altogether. I think the DVD shows both Adele's raw talent and how a slow-singer can have a well produced touring show. Most of all, the DVD shows the power live music can have - the shots of the audience, and of the effects the music has on them, are powerful.

All of Adele's hits are here, well-paced between her first and second albums, and well-broken-up by the chats in between songs. The DVD and CD act as a snapshot, a recorded memory of her incredible success this year, most apparent in her performance and speech about 'Someone Like You', which is an absolutely beautiful song, and to which she attached an absolutely inspiring message. During 'Rolling in the Deep', as Adele cries in a confetti tornado, you cannot help but feel glad that success has come to such a lovely individual, and be inspired by the success of one woman. Get well soon, Adele, the world cannot wait to see you live. 

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