17 January, 2012

Milton Jones' House of Rooms

Milton Jones, as a comedian, is hilarious. However, it is his odd, one-liner, surprise jokes which have garnered him such praise - the issue is whether this humour is applicable to a sitcom format, and how this could work.

The stylised shots and clever visuals in this episode, as in Brooker's, worked well with Milton's sharp humour. To say the programme is surreal would be an under-statement - the episode was bloody mental, but that's part of Jones' charm. Some of the best jokes were the gas-man at the door, the card-game banter and Milton's interaction with the day's post. The supporting cast were good, but not fantastic - Milton's mum was a little bit too stilted against an already awkward Jones, and the others brought little to the table - the episode stood on Jones' shoulders alone. What the episode did well was do something different with the general 'sitcom' blueprint, and take Milton's stage humour to an appropriate vehicle for television.

Unfortunately, we will get to find out if this pattern can continue well into a series any time soon - the episode was made as part of Channel 4's Comedy Showcase, and was a one-off. The premise could continue to a full series and beyond - the potential stands for a new lodger every week, and for the relationship between Milton and Alice (if she ever says anything) to blossom. Who knows if there will be further episodes? For now, all we've got is this funny, odd and charming half an hour of television. It will surely go down in history as one of Channel 4's quirkier attempts of 2012.

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