21 February, 2012

Skins - Mini - Youth

I'll start by saying that Mini is a character I have never liked. She is selfish, arrogant and shallow, and unfortunately, Freya Mavor has failed to give the character any depth so far. This episode gave Mini, for the first time, a sympathetic edge and despite plot decisions that I wouldn't personally make, the writers managed to make quite a coherent episode for the first time in a while.

Pregnancy has already been a plot point in Skins, and in TV drama generally, is not an original idea. That would be okay but what was lacking in the episode was anything profound or new to say about teen pregnancy. What I also failed to understand, throughout the episode was people telling Mini that her dad will 'fuck her over' and to go back to her mum's house. To me, her mum seemed fairly mental, and her dad had become the lesser of two evils (for most of the episode, he was fairly genuine), so why wouldn't she like to move in with him?

What was original and new in the plot was the idea that Mini had never been able to love, or be loved. We saw that in her character from Series 5, in that she is mean and could not keep up a relationship with Nick. Likewise, in this series, she has been reliant on sex, not love, from 'farmboy'. When her father's assistant kissed her, not on the mouth, but on the cheek, it was interesting to see her respond to kindheartedness, more than just sexual feeling. To me, it will be interesting to see if Mini can atone for her parents' treatment of her, by keeping the baby and being a good, loving mother, or whether she will pass on unhealthy attitudes to love and parenthood.

Random Points:
- to yell 'get the fuck out of me' whilst being sick in a bathroom at college is NOT a good technique for keeping your pregnancy under wraps

- we need to see more of the crazy English teacher - she was marvellous + absolutely cray cray

- the characters need to stop taking drugs constantly. Seriously.

- the following exchange was ridiculously funny:
''Act with a bit more professionalism'' *Goes and has sex with a child in the cloakroom*

What I think is lacking in this generation of Skins-kids is a sense of Optimism, and a sense of hopefulness of youth. In earlier series, the characters jumped to have sex and drink to have fun and because they were young - they were exploring the world. Now, it seems that we're having to deal with characters who drudge through their lives, taking drugs to get through - and this has not just been occuring since Grace's death. This is also an even worse message about drugs - that they'll 'make things better'. In season one, even after Tony got run over, the characters burst into song, and there was humour in the final scenes. Now, Skins is trying to remain 'edgy' but, unfortunately, losing what it was originally about - youth, and its possibilities.

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