18 February, 2012

This Week's Reality TV Roundup

This week has been a bumper week for reality television, so I thought I'd round up what I think about the main ones (except TOWIE..... no TOWIE).

This week, the Coppers cameras followed the TSG (Territorial Support Group) through the streets of Nottingham, as they ran searches, patrolled a football match and controlled a night out on the streets. Once again, to see the police going about (what is for them) an average day, is fascinating. What was great about this episode was that it showed them telling people off for swearing, and contrary to reports, it is great to see the police have the time to deal with petty crimes. One reveller argued with the police saying 'I'm not even trying to be clever... fact is I AM clever' which was comedy gold in a documentary at its best.

Whatever you think of the concept of Playing it Straight, watch at least one episode because it is hilarious. This week, Cara rested at a mountain lodge, whilst the boys had to trek, camp and abseil to win her affections. Levi was asked to 'leave the hacienda' and was in fact revealed to be straight, but after his behaviour in the mountain lodge, who'd have thunk it? Next week is the semi-final, and we can finally begin to find out whether some of the major players - Sven, Sam, Ben, Danny - are gay or straight. Some people find the programme offensive in terms of stereotyping, but it's all in the name of fun entertainment - if you don't like, don't watch.

Geordie Shore has now reached the levels of expectancy, contrivance and drama we expect of its sister programme Jersey Shore, but like the rest of you, I'm still tuning in every week. Highlights of this series have been James' inability to pull, Vicki's oneliners and Hollie's deluded desire to bed James. Certain situations - the end of the fight, Vicki's boyfriend arriving, Sophie's boyfriend not being invited to Newcastle before the date - seem to be well-orchestrated and well-timed by the production team, but in the end, who cares? Geordie Shore is an easy and quick programme for laughs, entertainment and shock. And with Charlotte returning next week, what could be be better?

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents had another brilliant episode this week. There is something great about watching people on holiday - even if they fuck about and we see some vile sights. In fact, that makes it even better. We saw 'the lads' and 'the girls' on holiday, with some quite liberal parents and some quite strict, nervous parents. What is problematic about the success of this series is that it will begin to be difficult for the producers to get groups who don't expect to be on this programme. Already, from Andy in Episode 2, you can see that the kids start to detect that they have been had. I hope someone finds a way round this situation, because this programme could go on and on.

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