06 March, 2012

Skins - Alo - Impressions

This week, 'Skins' focussed on 'farm-boy' Alo, in an episode which had some ludicrous plot points, and was loosely based on the fact that Alo still doesn't know about Mini's pregnancy. To be fair, she's bloody mental most of the time so Alo's confusion is understandable.

Will Merrick, who plays Alo (is his full name really Aloicious? Is that even a name?) is a competent actor - his scenes with Mini were heartfelt, and his behaviour surrounding his 14-year-old girlfriend were just the right mix of horror and anxiety. His performance this week (we didn't exactly see the rest of the cast for long) demonstrated the strength of acting ability out there amongst youth actors, and made me wonder, yet again, why the girl who plays Mini is in a job. Merrick has a great knack for comic timing, and made this one of the few comic episodes of 'Skins' we've seen in a while.

He drives a tractor.
Now, more criticisms of Skins' messages to teens! This week we had Alo drink-driving with absolutely no comment on it, the phrase 'Oh I never use a condom - no biggie!' and the notion that sex offenders get released on bail (the last one isn't really a message - its just plain stupid). Now I imagine that the youngest age of someone who watches Skins might be like 10? I'm not truly sure how much of an effect this casual drug/drink-driving/unsafe-sex would have upon them - but I imagine its not good. The issue I have is that the actions don't serve the plot - Alo could have walked, there was no need for the condom line - so please Skins, sort it out.

The plot this episode (I relegated this to fourth paragraph because its just a ridiculous episode) centred on Alo, as he bedded a 14-year-old girl, and was then arrested for statutory rape. Now, I'm not sure that, in a case of he-said, she-said, you'd be kept in prison overnight. I'm also not sure that your head of Sixth would be the first visitor. I'm also not sure if Alo would give two hoots about being suspended, if he was facing three years in jail. I'm also not sure that, if you were accused of being a paedophile, you'd go and sleep in a playground. The main issue here is that, under no circumstances, would Alo have been vilified in this way when the accusation was a case of hearsay and could not be proven.

For God's sake, let's wrap up this baby plot - it has definitely gone on far too long to be meaningful, and as we've had the plot done before, I assumed it would be over with quickly. The episode was quite a laugh, and a bit ridiculous but that's 'Skins' for you. The music was good, Alo's acting was good, but unfortunately Mini showed up again. Let's get back on track guys, last week was good but you've got 3 episodes to go - not keep it together!

Written for Great and Gold.

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