29 March, 2012

Skins - Everyone - It's Over!

Skins is over! Save those three 'specials' we're getting in 2013, Skins as we know it is done and dusted - but did it bow out spectacularly or did it trundle to a stop? Did Frankie finally stop being a 'headfuck'? And did Grace finally piss off to the afterlife? Here's what went down.

The episode was very Frankie-heavy, and as such was pretty annoying. She, once again, couldn't decide between her feelings for Nick and Matty, couldn't cope with the outcomes of situations she created, and acted a bit mental all the time. Near the start of the episode, she hitchhiked with the mechanic from The Inbetweeners, because lorry drivers from Bristol are notoriously trustworthy people, to her social worker from before she was adopted. From here, she found her mum's address, found her sister and by the end of the episode, her mum aswell - which, for such a bitch of a character, is quite a lovely ending. She also told Nick and Matty she loves them both, and a relationship with either would not work, like we've been telling her for two series now. Oh and she also threw herself out of a moving truck which is possibly the stupidest thing anyone's ever done in Skins, and this is a series where we've had EFFY. EFFY. She doesn't learn does she our Frankie.

Nick and Matty were reduced to essentially being backing dancers for Frankie this episode, their legacy being that they have followed Frankie to Birmingham by 'tracking her on Nick's phone' as if that's something that we can do now. After spending so much of the episode in a Frankie plotline that, quite literally, noone cares about, other characters had to be given hastily thrown-together subplots to end their stories. Alex decided to 'go to Thailand', Liv may have gone to Uni but who knows, and Rich got into Cambridge but told noone about it. Nick and Matty basically didn't have an ending, their only resolution being that they are friends again. Cute.

Mini wasn't conscious at the beginning of the episode, but by the end was at a pool party all night and then gave birth - and still, we're expected to believe that she and Alo would be happy to have a baby together. This would all be quite nice, IF we believed they like each other - I for one don't. Rich ended the episode by looking at the camera to say 'bye' - a bye to Grace, hanging around literally forever, and a bye to the audience who are free, after having sat through two very mediocre series of Skins. Imagine if you watched this series on DVD, and you watched all ten episodes in one. IMAGINE.

The good points to the episode - the final track playing over the 'ending montage' was pretty nice because I'm a sucker for some slow-mo acoustic montage, and Alex's pool party was the kind of 'cool Skins party' that you always wish actually happened when you were fourteen. Alo's phrase about the party tickets - 'ours are free, cos you know... We're amazeballs' was grand, and the underwater Grace/Rich goodbye was the kind of interesting Skins camera-work that we'd have liked to have seen all series.

Frankly, the series hasn't been up to much, and it's probably for the best that we'll get a few specials to remind us of how good Skins used to be, and then it'll be over. If I'd have cared much for any of these characters, I think I'd have been disappointed with the finale. But with my current levels of interest in the series (pretty low I can tell you), it was a pretty average ending. Skins is no longer the good ensemble drama it once was - now let's finish the legacy on a high, and then leave the first two series to stand the test of time, because Tony's lot were bloody excellent.

Written for Great and Gold

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