13 March, 2012

Skins - Liv - Shoddy Storytelling

 And it's happened. Skins got bad again! (Series 6, Episode 8)

This week's Liv-centred episode focused on her (non-existent) health scare and Matty's return. There were also some ridiculous moodswings from Mini and Frankie, and Nick was nowhere to be seen. The episode was a mess - but did we actually expect the good times of the past two episodes to keep rolling?

Liv as a character is not one of my favourites (my favourites left back in Series Two...) but I expected more of an episode with her (she's the only character with guts, and at least Laya Lewis is a passable actor) than this. The episode followed Liv through about a million drug and drink binges, her delayed reaction to Grace's death, and her health scare. Now, the health scare turned out to be in her mind (predictable) and the episode was really just useless. The logistics of the plot - all the parents suddenly disappearing for one - left the episode confusing. The other problems which arose - would Alex just let Liv live in his house, would her mum not care and why would Matty turn up there when he doesn't even know who Alex is?

Points that are like so random + not realistic:

-'I've made you breakfast' *hands him a piece of dry toast*

-'She is delicious' - not sure if this is a normal way to speak about your lover's friends...

-'Do normal criminal shit' - another eloquent display of teenagerdom from Skins here

-This episode had two of the worst slaps ever in televisual history

-'Mostly we fuck' - Frankie said this 'line' TWICE in one episode. TWICE.

The story-telling this week was poor - we used to have, per series, individually-focused episodes but with an over-arching story and with consistent updates on all characters. Now, it seems to be rent-a-character each week, with others (Nick wasn't in this episode, Alex hadn't been properly seen since his episode until now) being pushed entirely to the background (Alo wasn't in this episode either). We had Frankie and Mini parading about, in their new double-act (which involves Mini being unnecessarily ill-mannered to random people and Frankie being inexplicably crass and saying 'fuck' every other fucking word) which seems, from the trailer, to be a continuing plot point in next week's episode. God help us.

The good in this episode - Liv's sister was quite funny, Alex was charming as usual and the scene between head-teacher and Liv was quite lovely. That is literally all the good things - three. Three things.

What with the news this week of Skins' imminent demise, it seems that, with the quality of this series, we're not losing much. It's a grand shame when you look back at the first series, but if you watched last night's episode, you'd see that maybe an ending to this over-stretched series is a blessing. What last night highlighted to me, is that the 'specials' next year need to focus on the first (and maybe some of the second) generation of characters - they were the best, and they are how Skins should be remembered - not by Jal, Alo and Mini. My number one request is that Cassie return - let's be honest, it seems Murray hasn't been up to much since those Orange adverts - now let's sign her up.

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