25 April, 2012

Glee - 3.17 - Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston Tribute)

Now ignoring the blatant fact that very few people, at the age of eighteen, are big fans of Whitney Houston, this was a great episode of Glee. As we wind down to Nationals and ramp up to Graduation, this was the first step in what is to be a very sad set of shows - who didn't feel a bit sick when we though Klaine might split?

'Dance With Somebody', the seventeenth episode of Glee Season Three, followed the New Directions through a trauma, Mr Schuh through a marital crisis and Kurt and Blaine through their first proper row. We had some ridiculous subplot between Quinn and Jesus, and the blonde kid from the sex/record shop (seriously, 'Between The Sheets'?) was one of the most ludicrous people we've ever seen - and last week, we had a cross-dressing show choir.

 'Wemma' had some good scenes this episode, but when is Will going to accept that he needs friends his own age? He's pushing the marriage up to May to ensure the Glee kids are there (why not postpone till Season 4, to provide a plot?) but Emma, unsurprisingly, doesn't want to get married next to a highway, outside and in a summer camp. However, the Glee kids do mean alot to him, and it's great to see this come to the forefront of the final episodes - if only he weren't so bloody weird about it all.

Whilst Whitney doesn't, in my opinion, need an entire episode in dedication to her, the songs were good and, for the most part, fitted the plot. 'How Will I Know?' was a spectacular opener, Kurt's solo (we haven't seen one in a while) was superb and the final song was goosebumps-good. The only letdown was Blaine singing 'It's Not Right But It's OK' when it certainly wasn't 'okay' by any means.

I won't even dignify the Joe/Quinn pairing because, aside from God, they have very little in common. I didn't really need to sit through 4 minutes of Sam saying 'do you want to get closer to God or Quinn' whilst winking, and the entire plot was tantamount to the 'cold baths/images of Beiste' saga of Season 2. And that was shit.

The Klaine argument was founded on some shaky subplot (would Kurt really think all the texting was OK?) but brought to light some of the serious issues between them. It also created a sass-off in the choir room which was outstanding - who doesn't love a sass-off? But just what will Blaine do next year? And how will Kurt and Blaine keep the spark alive? And, basically, what are all of New Directions actually going to do next year!? These are the important questions - screw #PMQs today!

There was an excellent 'couples guidance' scene, in which Colfer, Criss and Mays' comedic talent was brought to the forefront. Kurt's 'I am actively listening *winks*' had me in hysterics. As we all knew, they reunited, had a cheeky hug and are back together. Klaine are, I think, one of the best aspects of Glee, and Criss was on top form this episode 'ALL AWARDS TO DARREN CRISS ETC'. Not just in terms of what the pairing does for equality issues in television, but in terms of the show they are one of the most believable and relaxed (chill the fuck out, Rachel Berry) pairings in 'Glee'.

Santana and Rachel also decided to be friends this episode, and despite Rachel's ludicrous accusation that Santana 'made her life hell for three years', this was fairly cute. Kudos for the cute.

Now as the episode ended, I think we all shed a tear when every single member of New Directions turned up to an 'optional' meeting, and from the previews of the next episode (NYADA audition cock-up anyone?) the next few episodes are going to be very intense. But we've been promised that for a while and we're still no closer to knowing how Season 4 will pan out, or being much closer to any actual ending. Something that hit me the other day was whether there is any legitimate way we are going to keep Will Schuester AND the Glee kids in a show together? Producers, hurry up and tell us!


  1. I agree with a lot of your points, especially the most important (in my opinion): a Whitney Houston tribute, wtf? I feel like Glee creators don't know any actual teenagers--an issue that isn't very surprising when some of your cast is 30.
    I really can't deal with any of the Wemma though. Will is always acting like such an ass, and then an over-enthusiastic jackass in Glee club, it makes me cringe so bad.
    Something that really annoyed me was how, despite a very emotional episode and an intense reconciliation, Klaine only hugged after exchanging the cutest I love yous ever. What do you think?

    I really hope the end of this season looks a bit more like this episode than those from the beginning of season 3! And I can't wait to finally know how the heck Murphy's going to get the seniors to stay on the show after graduation...

  2. Yeh - the same with the Michael Jackson episode - felt a bit like he's not for our generation, even if some of the audience might be older, the characters arent. Yeh I felt the exact same way - it was this big emotional 'you're the love of my life', but we've had a whole episode about them having sex, but all we got was a really weak hug!

    I spend a large part of every day thinking about how Glee season 4 will work! haha