17 April, 2012

What I'm Listening To

After a fairly lengthy hiatus, Jakeshaker is back. Before I start the reviews proper, thought I'd update you on stuff. First, up TUNES. 'This is my new jam' etc.

Spector - Chevy Thunder. This is, for me, so far, the best song of 2012 - a high-paced, indie-pop roaring summer anthem. The chorus has one of the most catchy refrains I've heard. I saw Spector live when they supported Florence + The Machine, but I didn't know any of their songs - it was more of a 'bop along whilst trying not to spill your beer' support act. However, they have a small number of singles all of which occupy that gap in the market for a Two Door Cinema Club/Vaccines/Patrick Wolf hybrid. They have a (still untitled) album out April 30th - already jumping the gun and saying this will be my album of the summer: watch this space.

Marina and the Diamonds - Electra Heart (album). The long-awaited Electra Heart project has finally come together, with the single 'Primadonna' whoring itself up the Radio 1 playlist, and currently stalling on the iTunes chart at #12. But what is more appealing is the album - it's looking like it will be amazing. You can listen to 30-second previews here and do check out her tumblr for all her cheeky artwork. The project is well-themed, distinct, clever, and visually appealing - now let's get Marina a top-ten hit. 'Lies' is an absolute gem, a sort of throwback to the pop-ballad of old - listen to the acoustic here.


Other music I am loving life to:
The Shins - Port of Morrow (album). This is the most sublime, wonderful guitar-pop album. Songs to look out for are '40 Mark Strasse' and 'It's Only Life'. The cover art's pretty banging too.
Laura Welsh - 45. Laura only seems to have two 'proper songs' out, but they are corkers. Ethereal, haunting and insistent, both '45' and 'Ghosts' show off a remarkable talent.
Jamie Hartman - Girlwise. I found this on Radio 2, where the BBC stashes all the proper good music away to. Chilled and emotive, this is an artist to watch out for.

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