03 May, 2012

Glee - 3.18 - Choke

This episode was a hot mess of three different plots, only one of which anybody gave a toss about. Here's my other thoughts:

The Puck Storyline: Now this was all very funny and the first question on the exam paper was LOLtastic but really, can we not just cut Puck some slack? Glee is supposed to be about 'opening yourself up to joy' but in every sense of the word, this episode was a heartbreaker. We had all that drama with Rachel, did we really need everyone else's life to get fucked about with aswell?

Bieste: Which leads us on to our favourite female football coach. I don't know if this is a response to the Chris Brown/Rihanna drama, or they just didn't have much to say this episode, but really this domestic violence plot was overwrought and a bit pointless. At first the episode was just a general comment about domestic violence (and more screentime for that bloody Roz 'Black Sue' Washington) but then it turned into Bieste's second storyline ever, which didn't really end because she went back to him. It also didn't make sense because Cooter (ha! cooter!) was with Sue before and now Sue's being all nice! The Florence cover was a bit dull and the storyline hasn't ended even though it was crap and rushed - with all the graduation stuff coming up, do we really need more Bieste on screen!?

Roz Washington: This was boring because it must be the sixth time she's made the 'your baby will be an old man' joke and it's stopped being funny and it's actually now quite offensive what with Sue's baby situ.

The Kurt Thing: Rachel's initial scenes with Kurt seemed to set it up either that she was intentionally sabotaging him, or that she meant well but he'd end up not getting in and blame her. However, his last minute turn-of-decision was brilliant and frankly shocking. He pulled out an excellent performance, and I liked that the song played into his whole story arc of being individual/special. But then, shock horror! Rachel's audition...

The Rachel Thing: Her first scenes at the beginning of the episode are some of the tensest in Glee ever: 'you know when your time is... and it's now'. Her audition was so difficult to watch and I was quite literally on the edge of my seat. The f*ck-up was well-executed and the entire scene was well-put together. I think it was so realistic for someone for whom it means so much, and in the same way was such a shock that this would happen to her. I'm hoping she gets a reprieve or works tooth-and-nail for the judge to listen to her again. What will probably happen is that she'll sing in front of Goldberg at Nationals and then get a space. However...

SEASON FOUR: I STILL don't know how this is going to work so I'm just super-confused and yet another episode has passed without putting us any closer to an answer. Either Kurt and Rachel have to get in, and we have S4 in New York, or even if they don't, they'll try again and we'll be in this same situation in Season 5. I spend about 50% of my day, every day, wondering how this will work. Only three weeks left!

The Ending: Everything was just really shit so I stayed under my duvet all day listening to 'Don't Rain on my Parade' and watching the rain pour.


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    Thanks for your time.

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  3. Courtney Cox, ladies and gentlemen.